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What is Inclusive Education and Why is it important?

An introduction to inclusive education. Resources include: inclusive education handbooks, explanations of why inclusion is important and how inclusion can better the education of students with and without disabilities.

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Individualized Education Plan & Identification, Placement and Review Committee

Here you will find helpful resources on IEP's and the IPRC process, including guides, checklists, videos and more.

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Advocacy, Rights and the Law

The resources in this section can enable family advocacy by providing information about educational rights and what the reciprocal legal obligations are for the school system. Resources include: Education Act, policy requirements, effective advocacy, discipline and communication.

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See how technology can be used to promote inclusive education, often to great success! Resources include: lists of inclusion promoting apps for ipods/ipads/iphones, videos on inclusive education and information on adaptive technology.

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Inclusive Education 101

Connect here to the Community Inclusion webinar series for families on inclusive education.

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CONNECTIONS : Connect with Other Families, Organizations and School Boards

Information on how to connect with local resources families, organizations and school boards. Resources include: contact details, Facebook pages, blogs activism pages and available support structures.

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Our Definition of Inclusive Education

An educational experience where every child shares in all facets of ongoing education that will meet his/her unique needs. Read more on how Community Living Ontario defines Inclusive.

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What's happening in Ontario?

The delivery of education services in Ontario for students who have an intellectual disability.

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La prestation de services d’éducation pour les élèves ayant une déficience intellectuelle de la province de l’Ontario .

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